Welcome to our school

Malindi Village is a little town near the second largest city in Uganda, Jinja, with about 20.000 inhabitants. The little town, which is located in the country side, suffers strongly from the bad economic situation in Uganda. The location doesn't provide a lot of opportunities for the local people. A group of people that need special care are orphans in the age of 2 to 13 years. The number of orphans is still increasing because of the increasing number of AIDS victims.

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A lot has happened lately. We started building the kitchen and dining room. In addition, we received a wonderful coach! We are all who made this possible very, very grateful!


Thank you sponsors!

I, Joan Machora, on behalf of Peter's Primary school, would like to thank all our sponsors for the good job they have done for us. Without your help and generosity, we would not have gotten this far. Through donations from companies, organizations and individuals, Peter's Primary School is able to provide education, food and safe shelter to numerous children.

Thank you very much for your kindness and generosity.


Peter's Primary School is located on Kayunga road, Malindi village, 7 kilometers to Jinja town.

Jinja town is a well known tourist destinatination in East Africa. Some of the local attractions include: source of river Nile, white-water rafting, a private sailing club on the shores of Lake Victoria and last but not least is the 9 hole golf course which was originally laid out in the mid 1920's and famously known had a local rule allowing a free drop of the ball if it came to rest in a hippo's hoof print.